Fashion Mermaid

Fashion Mermaid

With a forecast for a scorching week ahead and the potential to chase some winter sun later in the year a few pieces of flattering beachwear are still at the forefront of my mind.  To date I have found nothing that I am one hundred percent happy with. I can no longer just run into H & M and grab a fluorescent two piece and the walk from beach to the waters edge these days is fraught with self conscious fiddly and pulling to make sure everything is in place! However, OMG I am almost fainting with joy! I am drowning in a love affair with the swimwear designs of Lisa Marie Fernandez. I'm not the only one either, the likes of Rhianna and Selena Gomez feel the same. It's not often I find a swimwear/beach collection that totally suits my over 30 (plus some...actually a lot) body, but this is it. Whether you're pear shaped, apple shaped or in the lucky hourglass category there will be many styles of swimsuit and bikini to adorn your curves and transform you into the mermaid you want to be. The wraps, boleros and other cover ups provide all you need to camouflage any wobbly bits and the floaty beach dresses take you from beach babe to goddess in an instant. 

There are so many beautiful pieces in her collection but these are on my lust list....

Yasmin plaid seersucker £340

Arden ruffled one-shoulder chambray maxi dress £610

Poppy stretch denim bandeau £305

Mira off-the-shoulder ruffled swimsuit £340


Poppy striped bandeau bikini set £450

Do your body a favour and treat yourself, you'll never look back!

Mrs Finch
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