The Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress, ubiquitous enough to be referred to as the LBD, is one item of clothing that will bridge the gap from workplace to casual evening out with friends and then carry on through to the party. With the mere addition of a piece of statement jewellery or a colourful scarf, a change of shoes or bag, this one essential wardrobe staple will take you anywhere.

With its origins routed in the designs of Chanel and Patou it was intended to be versatile, timeless and accessible to all regardless of budget or body shape. To this day that just about sums it up and whilst the silhouette of the LBD may change from year to year, its place in every woman’s wardrobe remains certain.

This season there are plenty to choose from and with fashion Queen SJP producing her own line of LBD who wouldn’t want one.

See by Chloe £275

Drape neck midi dress Topshop £59

Prila Drape Embroidered Maxi Dress £250 by French Connection

Mani dress by Paper London £350

Mrs Finch
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