About Mrs Finch

At last, a fashion site where all the hard work is done for you! Mrs Finch is the only site you will ever need to visit!

Mrs Finch trawls through online and High Street clothing boutiques, editing key trends and curating classic staples, to provide a tailored, fashion savvy wardrobe whatever your shape or style agenda.

Aimed at the over 30's market who love fashion but simply don't have the time to read blogs, seek out current looks or find quality, great value garments that suit their frame, personal style directive and budget.

Mrs Finch aims to make clothes shopping and even SALE shopping painless, effortless and rewarding. We aim to keep our customers happy forever!

Currently in its early stages, our site comprises daily-edited and curated pieces with links through to their individual shop fronts. Soon we will be stocking directly to make your experience even easier.

We aim to keep a clutter free, no nonsense site that you will want to bookmark and check into every week. Why waste time and money buying clothes that don't work for you when you could be directed to your perfect outfit at its lowest price?

Mrs Finch is the collective baby of bff's Cara and Hatty. With successful and diverse business backgrounds and over a mutual love of coffee and fashion, the concept for Mrs Finch has become reality.

Cara is tiny, funny and extremely clumsy. Hatty is disorganised but dynamic when fuelled with caffeine. Fortunately they have some very stylish and clever little helpers.

Mrs Finch loves shopping for you x


Finching (verb) the act of going to one site to find a great collection of clothes. The act of over 30's acting like millenials and going virtual. Decluttering and being bang on trend.

Finched : (adj) gorgeous, smoking hot, bang on trend. Being updated and feeling fabulous, being dragged into current trend or a sophisticated and enduring look. 

Finch : (verb informal) to shop. To find items of clothing and accessories that bring on an uncontrollable desire to purchase. An enlightened way of becoming Finched (see above)

Finchonomy : (noun) savings made by purchasing items that are repeatedly worn. The economy of extreme satisfaction that comes from Finching


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